Extra Credit #1: GA’s State of the Judiciary Address

Justice Hugh Thompson

(Photo by dailyreportonline.com)


Georgia’s annual “State of the Judiciary Address” took place last February at the State Capitol.  Footage of the event is available online at http://www.gpb.org/lawmakers/2014/day-17-state-of-the-judiciary, courtesy of Georgia Public Broadcasting.   (The video is titled State of the Judiciary).

For this extra credit assignment, please compose a one page (or more), single-spaced write-up of the judiciary address.  Please be sure to include 1) information about the purpose of the event, history of the event, and details about the speaker; 2) what you learned or insight gained about the Georgia Judiciary, based on this address; and 3) how do the issues relayed in this annual address relate to what we are studying in Communication Law & Regulation class?

Due Date:  Please submit this extra credit assignment to me, via D2L, no later than the start of our last class.  Early submissions are fine.  Late papers will not be accepted.