EXTRA CREDIT:  Extra credit opportunities may be made available during the semester.  However, students should not assume such opportunities will be made available, nor should students expect or plan to rely on such opportunities to earn the final grade they desire.  Students may suggest extra credit opportunities.  Such suggestions should be 1) in writing, 2) equally available to all students, and 3) related to the purpose of this course.

EXTRA CREDIT PAPERS:  Once I have approved an extra credit opportunity, students are expected to attend/watch the event and then compose a one-page (or more) single-spaced paper discussing 1) the background of the event – who hosted, what happened, the purpose of the event, 2) how  specifically this event relates to communication and media law, and 3) what you learned from this event and/or from the speakers/panelists/presenters.  Please submit the extra credit papers via D2L.  All extra credit assignments are due on the last day of class, by our usual start time (4:30PM for Monday students, 11:00AM for Tuesday/Thursday students).  Email me with any questions.