Reading Assignment: Privacy Law

Hello Everyone!  For our final section of Communication Law & Regulation, we will be learning about the development of Privacy Law.  Please read Hopkins Ch14 and Lisby Ch3, and be prepared to present on the following items:

De May vs. Roberts (1881)

Samuel D. Warren and Louis Brandeis’ The Right to Privacy (Harvard Law Review, 1890) **this is a legal article not a case; please be familiar with its contents

William L. Prosser’s Privacy (1960) **this is a legal book, not a case; please be familiar with Prosser’s four main categories of Privacy Law

Griswold vs. CT (1965)

Loving vs. Virginia (1967)

Eisenstadt vs. Baird (1972)

Roe vs. Wade (1973)

Carey v. Population Services International (1977)

Bowers vs. Hardwick (1986)

California v. Greenwood (1988)

Roberson vs. Rochester Folding Box Co. (1902)

Pavesich vs. New England Life Insurance Co. (1905)

Zacchini vs. Scripps-Howard Broadcasting (1977)

I will be grading your second term paper and any extra credit papers over the break.  All grades will be posted on D2L.  Please e-mail me with any questions.  See you in class!