Reading Assignment: Defamation and Libel

Hello everyone!  For our next section of Communication Law & Regulation, we’ll be discussing Defamation and Libel.  Please read Hopkins chapter 6, Lisby chapter 2, and be prepared to discuss the following cases:

Beauharnais vs. Illinois (1952)

New York Times vs. Sullivan (1964)*revisiting

Garrison vs. Louisiana (1964)

Brandenburg vs. Ohio (1969)

Williamson vs. State (of Georgia) (1982)

Rosenbloom vs. Metromedia (1971)

Milkovitch vs. Lorain Journal (1990)

Time, Inc. vs. Firestone (1976)

Gertz vs. Robert Welch Inc. (1974)

Curtis Publishing vs. Butts (1967)

Falwell vs. Flynt (1988)

Rosenblatt vs. Baer (1966)

Let me know if you have any questions.  See you in class!