Reading Assignment: Media and the Criminal Justice System

Hello Everyone!  For both the Mondays-only and Tuesday-Thursday class, next week we’ll be finishing up the Advertising and Commercial Law material, and then talking about The Media and the Criminal Justice System.  Please read Hopkins chapter 16, and Lisby chapter 5, and be prepared to present the following cases:

Sheppard v. Maxwell (1966)

Gannett Co. v. DePasquale (1979)

Richmond Newspapers v. Virginia (1980)

Press-Enterprise v. Superior Court I (1984)

Waller v. Georgia (1984)

Press-Enterprise v. Superior Court II (1986)

Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. v. General Electric Co. (1988)

Craig v. Harney (1947)

Nebraska Press Association v. Stuart (1976) *revisiting

Zurcher v. Stanford Daily (1978)

Please let me know if you have any questions about these cases, or about your paper.  A reminder – please submit all papers to the D2L final draft folder prior to the start of class.  Thanks, and have a good weekend!