Reading Assignment: Advertising, Commercial Law and the Regulation of Public Relations

Hello everyone!  Next week,  we’ll be talking about Advertising, Commercial Law, and the Regulation of Public Relations (BOTH the Mondays-only class and the Tuesday/Thursday class).  Please read Hopkins’ chapters 8-9 and Lisby’s chapter 4, and be prepared to discuss the following cases:

Valentine vs. Chrestensen (1942)

Breard vs. City of Alexandria (1951)

FTC vs. Colgate-Palmolive (1965)

New York Times vs. Sullivan (1964)

Bigelow vs. Commonwealth of Virginia (1975)

Virginia Board of Pharmacy vs. Virginia Citizens Consumer Council (1976)

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation vs. Public Service Commission (1980)

Condado Holiday Inn vs. Tourism Company of Puerto Rico (1986)

Florida Bar vs. Went-for-it Inc (1995)

Edge Broadcasting vs. US (1993)

Greater New Orleans Broadcasting vs. US (1999)

44 Liquormart vs. Rhode Island (1996)

Lorillard Tobacco Co. vs. Reilly (2001)

Buckley vs. Valeo (1976)

First National Bank vs. Bellotti (1978)

Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission (2010)

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks, and see you in class!