For Next Week:

Hello Everyone!  On Monday (4/14), Term Paper #2 is due.  We will finish our discussion on Reporter’s Privilege, and also talk about Open Records/Meetings.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you printing out the PowerPoint notes beforehand, as the Open Records/Open Meetings material has a lot of listed exemptions.  Seriously, a lot.  Please read Hopkins chapter 17 and Lisby chapter 8.  In addition, please be prepared to present the following cases in class:

[Reporter’s Privilege Cases]

Plunkett v. Hamilton (1911)

Branzburg v. Hayes (1972)

Vaughn v. Georgia (1988)

Howard v. Savannah College of Art & Design (1989)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution v. Jewell (2001)

[Georgia Open Records/Meetings Cases]

Napper v. Georgia Television Co. (1987) 

Harris v. Cox Enterprises (1986) 

Macon Telegraph Publishing Co. v. Board of Regents (1986) 

Red & Black Publishing Co. v. Board of Regents (1993) 

On Wednesday (4/16), we will have a guest speaker to talk about how journalists in the field deal with media access to courts, access to government meetings, and other public records requests.  I will end class early on Wednesday for the GSU event featuring Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stevens.  Any questions?  I will be checking e-mail throughout the weekend.