For Monday’s Class 3/3

For next Monday’s Class (and a little bit of Wednesday) we will be talking about Privacy Law.  Please read Hopkin’s chapter 14 and Lisby chapter 3.  Additionally, please be prepared to discuss the following cases and privacy law texts in class:

De May vs. Roberts (1881)

Warren and Brandeis’ “The Right to Privacy” Harvard Law Review Article (1890)

William Prosser’s “Privacy” (1960)

Griswold vs. Connecticut (1964)

Loving vs. Virginia (1967)

Eisenstadt vs. Baird (1972)

Roe vs. Wade (1973)

Bowers vs. Hardwick (1986)

Time vs. Hill (1967)

Cox Broadcasting vs. Cohn (1975)

Roberson vs. Rochester Folding Box Company (1902)

Pavesich vs. New England Life Insurance Company (1905)

Zacchini vs. Scripps-Howard Broadcasting Company (1977)