[Updated] For Wednesday’s Class 2/26

Hello Everyone!  For Monday’s Wednesday’s class, we will be continuing our discussion on Defamation and Libel – focusing this time on Civil Libel.  Please review Hopkins chapter 6 and Lisby chapter 2.  Additionally, please be prepared to present the following cases:

Rosenbloom vs. Metromedia (1971)

Milkovich vs. Lorain Journal (1990)

Time, Inc. vs. Firestone (1976) 

Gertz vs. Robert Welch Inc. (1974)

Curtis Publishing vs. Butts (1967)

Falwell vs. Flynt (1988) 

Rosenblatt vs. Baer (1966)

As you read these cases, please pay close attention to the different standards when it comes to Private/Public individuals, and Private/Public issues.