For Wednesday’s Class (Feb 12th)

Hello Everyone!  This Wednesday, we will be discussing First Amendment Rights of Minors.  Please read Hopkins Chapter 7 (focus on the sections related to minor’s rights).  Additionally, please be prepared to discuss the following cases:

Tinker vs. Des Moines Independent Community School District (1969)

Bethel School District No. 403 vs. Fraser (1986)

Morse School District vs. Frederick (2007)

Hazelwood School District vs. Kuhlmeier (1988)

Kincaid vs. Gibson (2001)

We will also be going over Monday’s exam.  I have already posted the Exam #1 Study Guide:  check under Lecture Notes > Week 5.

Weather Contingency Plan:  In the event that less than three inches of snow/ice once again incapacitates the City of Atlanta, I will post the full “Free Speech Rights of Minors” outline in the lecture section.  (This section is short: only five cases and a small list of considerations).  We WILL still have the exam on Monday 2/17.