Reading Assignment for Monday 1/27

Hello Everyone!  Here is the reading assignment for Monday’s class (Jan 1/27).  We’ll be finishing up our discussion on the Development of Press Freedoms (radio, TV, Internet).  Please make sure you have read Hopkins chapters 3-4 and Lisby chapter 1.  Additionally, we’ll be discussing the following cases:

US v. Zenith Radio (1926)

NBC v. US (1943)

FECUA v. WDAY (1959)

U.S. v. Southwestern Cable (1968)

Los Angeles v. Preferred Communications (1986)

AT&T v. Iowa Utilities Board (1999)

Turner Broadcasting v. FCC (1997)

U.S. v. Playboy Entertainment (1999)

Reno v. ACLU (1997)

Please be prepared to discuss the 1) facts of the case, 2) the issue / legal question, and 3) the highest court’s ruling.  Also, take a look at the FCC Net Neutrality story (already posted on blog).  Let me know if you have any questions about the material or cases. See you Monday!