For Wednesday’s Class (1/22)

Hello everyone!  Since I am not quite set up on D2L yet, I am posting the next reading assignment on the class blog.  On Wednesday, we will be discussing 1st Amendment Interpretation and the Development of Press Freedoms.  Please read Hopkins chapters 2-3 (focus on the 1st Amendment material) and Lisby chapter 2.


Additionally, please read and be prepared to discuss the following cases in class:

Gitlow v. New York (1925)

Chaplinski v. New Hampshire (1942)

Snyder v. Phelps (2011)

Mutual Film v. Industrial Commission of Ohio (1915)

Burstyn v. Wilson (1952)

These cases should all be in your Hopkins and Lisby texts.  Please be sure to check the footnotes and back directories if you are having trouble locating them.  You can also try a basic search to find more information about the cases – but be careful about using legitimate legal reference websites.  During class, be prepared to answer questions about:

1.  The facts:  who are the parties?  What happened between them that they are going to court?  (Timeline, etc.)  What is each party claiming/arguing?

2.  The issue:  what is the legal question that the parties want the court to consider? (Ex: Does this Georgia state law violate the party’s First Amendment right to free speech?)

3.  The holding:  what did the highest court decide and why?  How does this case impact communication law, or shape a particular regulation?


Please email me with any questions.  See you Wednesday!